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Dear fellow human being,

Nearly one year has passed by since my last Art Newsletter - a lot has happened since then. My beloved mother suddenly and unexpectedly died peacefully in June. After staying in Germany for four months, I moved to a larger apartment in Puttaparthi; here is my new studio.


I am now present at the online art agency Singulart; works of mine can be acquired.


My artist page-Entree

It has always been my aim to express beauty. By painting energetic structures I want to make the soul visible - no stone and no flower can exist without a soul whiff. But only today I understand how important and central it is to put beauty first - in a world where many areas of life are subject to subtle, hybrid warfare aginst our true nature. Even art has often become an instrument to keep people on a low vibration through disharmony and ugliness and to let them forget their spiritual origin. Through my art our divine origin and destiny should be remembered. Truth, love, peace and beauty are what every human being deeply longs for. To see a person's face lighting up with joy when he / she looks at my pictures is the best reward for me ...

Transparency 1

My new series 'Transparency' deals with the transformation of the 3rd dimension / matter into the 5th dimension / spirit; Transparency 1 is the first picture of this series. Several layers are on top of each other, partly transparent and thus enabling perspectives to become visible. The chaotic 3rd dimension, forming the basis, is gradually harmonized by the layers above. This procedure creates a constructive tension, resulting in vibrant and lively harmony. Deep view and surface impression correspond with one another. Here is a sideways glance ...

A wonderful and relaxing time to you in midst of the current challenges!

Helga Shanti Fruendt